Desiderata Banner
Desiderata Banner
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Desiderata Banner

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Desiderata Banner consists of a wall banner that contains an ancient text accredited to Max Ehrmann. 

It is known to be a "drugless medicine" that helps one maintain stable mental health by simply following the wise timeless instructions it contains.

The banner is a great gift for yourself, family, and friends. 

It will be appreciated by anyone going through life's challenges and needs some wise healing/counseling words.

Product Details

This banner is hand-made with white fabric mounted on a pair of natural birch wood stained light brown or with clear varnish as preferred by you.

Please indicate your wood colour preference in the "Special Instructions For Seller" box during checkout.

The black textural art design is made with a professionally finished appearance. 

There is a jute string fixed at the top of the banner ready to hang on the wall.

Product Dimensions

Size: 30cm x 46cm (12in x 18in)