1. The  Positivity Booster: 72 Power-Packed, Serially-Numbered, &          Properly-Categorized Affirmations To Make You Stay Positive,  Energized, And Successful In Every Aspect Of Your Life

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This book is not one of those books that you file off on the bookshelf once completed. It is written to be a companion book that you would refer to when faced with life challenges.

The book features affirmations that are uniquely crafted to provide you with the positive energy you need as you journey through life.

For easy location and reference, the affirmations are numbered and categorized using “The 5 Major Life Categories©” framework of Career, Finance, Health, Relationship, and Personal Development.

The Positivity Booster book will, in general terms, help an individual develop and maintain a positive mindset which in turn leads to:

          - Improved self-esteem

          - Wellness (physical and mental)

          - Wealth (abundance)

          - Improved relationships (spiritual, with self, and with others)

          - Happiness, joy, and peace      


2. YOU ARE THE CEO OF YOUR LIFE - How to take control of YOUR life affairs and achieve a balanced fulfilled life 

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Are you living a life that is sub-optimal in life’s major category areas of career, finance, health, relationship and personal development? Are you frustrated by specific situations or occurrences making you want to quit, give up on yourself, and give up on society or life in general? Take heart because you will find help in this book. All you need to do is to patiently go through the content of this book with an open mind, understanding and the willingness to put to practice what you learn therein.

The book has been carefully written in a logical, easy to understand and easy to practice manner. It contains simple ideas, basic concepts, and knowledge that provide you with insights about YOU, your mind, your brain and your body in terms of what these components are, how they relate to each other and the role each of them play in helping to run your life effectively like a successful company.

Overall, what you stand to benefit from reading the book is YOU acquiring the knowledge, tools and techniques to be resilient, to effectively cope with life’s challenges, to take full control of your life affairs and to live a fulfilled life. 


3. HOW TO START  A CAREER  IN THE SUPPLY CHAIN FIELD  AND  STEADILY PROGRESS  TO THE TOP -  Learn about different supply chain job types, responsibilities, qualifications, skills, pay, career paths, where and how

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Everything you need to know about a career in the supply chain field is covered in this book.

The book starts with basic information on the origin, purpose, meaning, definitions and importance of supply chain and supply chain management, thus giving newcomers and those who are just looking around, an overview of what it is all about. It then moves on to describe the industries and organizations that employ supply chain personnel; job areas, job levels and job titles; career paths; and top level ideas on how to make it in the supply chain field or any other career one chooses.

The book is highly valuable for career seekers, career counselors, instructors, careerists, hiring managers, and human resource professionals. Written by an accredited and experienced supply chain professional, the content of the book cuts straight to the point with a well organized, easy-to-follow-and-understand information.

The narrative is focused on facts and practical steps.